Macau’s Casino: The New Gambling Paradise

You enjoy the excitement; you love to play in the Konung Casino. Now you don’t want to experience one, but the gambling den, the gamblers’ paradise for all forms of gambling – roulette, poker, black jack, sic bo (a Chinese dice game), slot machines, and so on. Then you should go to Macau at least once. (Texas Hold’em Poker was not initially approved as a game of chance in Macau, but today Texas Hold’em Poker is officially allowed as a game of chance in Macau.)

So that you get a feeling for the dimensions. Macau has since become the world’s largest gaming paradise. The casinos here make more sales than those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined. The boom in gaming in Macau in southern China is so extreme that there are even bizarre consequences for the regional labour market.

Banks and authorities can only fill vacancies with difficulty because citizens prefer to work in the casinos. According to a decree by the Chinese government, the positions as croupiers and all other items that are directly related to card and dice games in the players’ paradise of Macau are reserved exclusively for residents of the special administrative zone in southern China.

This rule was originally intended to make the 520,000 Macanes worry that they would not benefit sufficiently from the boom in arcades. However, so many people in Macau now want to work in the gaming business that some are already demanding countermeasures from the Chinese government.

For example, Davis Fong says “The government has to act, the growth was just too fast! The gaming rooms pay so well that authorities, banks or dentists are finding it hard to find employees. Parents are worried that their children will give up university early in order to start a career as a croupier. Too many people in the gaming industry see the future after these years of growth.”

Now the number of casino licenses should be frozen. Newly won land is no longer made available to gaming companies. (The city has wrested more than five square kilometres from the sea in recent years. So far, almost exclusively casinos and hotels have been built there.) The number of gaming tables and one-armed bandits is strictly limited. And casino companies will be prohibited from offering additional services such as transportation in the future.

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